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This page will be devoted to photographs of various members of the Collet family.  Some of the photos will be sharp and clear, and others not so.  Some of the photos were of poor quality when scanned due to the age of the photos and normal deterioration of the paper quality.  Please enjoy viewing the photographic history of our family.  If you have any photos different from those shown please send them to be included on this page.


       Justin Stanislaus Collet                                                               Angelina Mumphrey Stablier Collet


Top to Bottom:  Grandma Collet (Camilla Corso), Rosario "Uncle Brother" Stablier (front),

Ruth Collet Alello, Grandma Collet and Donnie and Wayne Stablier, Connie Lavigne Brown

and Victor (?)


    Aunt Ruth Collet Alello



Victor Collet House-Donaldsonville, LA




Grandpaw Collet, me (Carole Macaluso Thomas)

    & Mama (Agnes Collet Macaluso)


Civil War Monument--Leon Landry burial