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This page will be devoted to photographs of various members of the Macaluso family.  Some of the photos will be sharp and clear, and others not so.  Some of the photos were of poor quality when scanned due to the age of the photos and normal deterioration of the paper quality.  Please enjoy viewing the photographic history of our family.  If you have any photos different from those shown please send them to be included on this page.

The courtyard at Villa Daphne located just outside of Alia, Sicily.  You can see Alia located on the hill beyond
the Villa.  A must see if you are near Alia.



Gilermo (Jim) and Nunzia (Nancy) Politz (Puglisi) Macaluso

Married at St. Anne's in Napoleonville, Louisiana on January 8, 1916


Grandmaw Nancy Macaluso, Peter Politz and his mother, Rosa Macaluso Politz





   This photo of Charlotte Macaluso Prouty and Carole Macaluso Thomas was made in the courtyard of The Villa Dafne, located in Alia, Sicily.  The photo was made in 2005.  Alia can be seen in the background.                                  





                                                     CHARLOTTE MACALUSO PROUTY
                                                                   IN ALIA, SICILY, 2005


                    ALIA, SICILY, 2005








Ferrara/Macaluso Wedding







                                                    Montagnino/Macaluso Wedding

                                  Peter Joseph Macaluso

    This is a photo of one of the remaining tenant houses still standing on Elm Hall Plantation.
















    This photo shows all that is left of the foundation of the Elm Hall Plantation refinery.










    This photo shows the plantation mechanic shop where all repairs to equipment

 was made.













    This photo is of the plantation's company store.  All workers would buy from this store on credit and when the crop was brought in and they were paid, they would settle their debt with the store.