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We have tried to find information on the Manfre family.  We think that Benedetto Manfre (changed to Mumphrey when they came to America from Sicily) came from Chuisa Sclafani, Sicily.  When I went to Sicily, I went to the courthouse in Chuisa but found only a few Manfre's and was not able to connect them with our family.  Unfortunately, the priest was not at the rectory the day I went so I wasn't able to check the church records. 

I have continued to check the web to try and find some additional information.  I have found a large number of Manfre's in Prizzi.  In checking the map, Prizzi is only a short distance south of Chuisa.  I will see if this town will lead me to Benedetto's family. 

I still haven't had any luck finding when Grandpa Mumphrey came to America.  According to his Alien Registration papers, he came to New Orleans. Louisiana.  Can't find him anywhere on New Orleans' ships manifest. 

Grandma Collet was Archangela "Angelina" Mumphrey.  Her mother was Carmilla Corso Mumphrey and her mother was "Angel" Mumphrey.  She was from Ribera, Sicily.  I finally found a ship's manifest that showed that Grandma Collet, Grandma Mumphrey and Grandma Collet's older sister came to Ellis Island in New York.  This manifest confirmed that the Corso family was from Ribera.  I will put a copy of this manifest at a later date.  Ribera is on the southern coast of Sicily and is west of Agrigento.  Grandpa Mumphrey is from Chuisa.  Chuisa is a short distance north of Ribera, probably about 30 miles. If I am able to go to Sicily May, 2010, I will definitely go to Ribera.  In the meantime, I have been able to translate a letter from English to Italian so that I can write to the Civil Records of Ribera and 

try to get both Grandma Collet's and Grandma Mumphrey's birth certificates.  I will also try to find the marriage license for Benedetto and Camilla.

This is why I love genealogy.  It's such a challenge and you have to practice good detective work in your research.

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