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Macaluso Family

Rosolini Macaluso came to America on the SS Entella and arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 30, 1890.  His wife, Maria Grazia Vincenza Mascarella Macaluso and their son, Antonino, followed on March 4, 1891.  They arrived in New Orleans aboard the SS Plato.

The Macaluso family lived in Bayou Goula, Louisiana where Rosolini was a farmer.  They later moved to the Elm Hall Plantation.  Both Rosolini and Maria Grazia are buried in the St. Anne Cemetery in Napoleonville, Louisiana.

The family had three children in Alia.  All three died at an early age (see family ancestors under Macaluso).

I have learned that they had a son, Joannes, born in 1893.  No one remembers him.  Evidently, he either died at birth or as a young child because he wasn't in the 1900 census with the family.  Another mystery to solve.

                                     Pepino the Italian Mouse
      The song "Pepino the Italian mouse" tells the humorous tale of a mischievous mouse who lives within the walls of a man's kitchen and who 
      comes out at night to eat cheese, drink wine, and frighten the girlfriend 
      when she comes over and befriends the cat, sent out to catch him.
      (Pepino Surigile Italiano) spoken:
      Signore e signori, io mi chiamo Pepino Suracilla.
      [Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Pepino the Mouse]
      And, what a mulaniana!
      Pepino, oh, you little mouse,
      Oh, won't you go away.
      Find yourself another house to run around and play.
      You scare my girl, you eat my cheese, you even drink my wine.
      I try so hard to catch you but you trick me all the time.
      Ce sta una suracilla basci' u' "cellar" mezzo mure.
      Ogni sera ella esce quando la casa e' scura.
      Ella do indo la cucina balla sula-sula
      Appara 'nu malandrina, pura la gata s'a paura.
      English translation:
      There's a mouse down in the cellar between the walls.
      Every evening it comes out when the house is dark.
      She comes up in the kitchen and dances all alone.
      She seems like such a rascal, even the cat is terrified.
      Pepino suracilla, m'a fatta scumbati
      Managia suracilla! Di casa n'andai
      Stasera illa cucina 'nu poco di vino en c'e lascia.
      E quando s'embriaga, ah Pepino e' c'encappa.
      English translation:
      Pepino the mouse, you've embarassed me.
      The heck with this mouse, Get out of my house.
      This evening in the kitchen a little wine will be left.
      And when he's good and drunk, ah, Pepino will be caught!
      The other night I called my girl
      I asked her could we meet
      I said let's go to my house
      We could have a bite to eat
      And as we walked in through the door
      She screamed at what she saw
      There was little Pepino
      Doin' the cha-cha on the floor
      Pepino suracilla, m'a fatta scumbati
      Managia suracilla! Di casa n'andai
      Stasera illa cucina 'nu poco di vino en c'e lascia.
      E quando s'embriaga a Pepino e c'encappa.
      A essa non si piace formaggio American'
      Ella va trovando 'nu poca Parmegian'
      S'e fatto ghiata ghiata usce stegga da pur
      Quando qu'ella camina apara nu propia calendola
      English translation:
      It doesn't like American cheese.
      It goes around finding Parmesan--
      Then it'll get really big and fat
      And when it walks it'll look like a calendola [a fat, wobbly herb]