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Check the memories page to read a copy of Leon U. Landry's obit.  It was very interesting and gave us some interesting info on Leon Landry.  He was a soldier in the Civil War and is buried in a Confederate monument at the cemetery in Donaldsonville, LA. We have pictures of this monument under photos.  I thought it was pretty impressive.

In the past week while searching on ancestry.com, I came across a fantastic site.  It's called "American Civil War Battles".  It,s listed under the military section of Ancestry.  If you know the regiment your ancestor fought with, you can pull up a list of battles in which this specific regiment was involved.  The neat part is that on everyone I pulled up, there were summaries of some of these battles.  It's not specific  to each regiment, but you know that your ancestor was there and participated.  I was excited to find out that Leon Landry was at the seige of Vicksburg and also at Shiloh.  Bragging rights!  I will try to get some of these summaries up on our website.  Very interesting reading for you history buffs.


In the obit, I read that Ferdinand Collet lived on the Evan Hall Plantation on the river road near Bayou Lafourche in Ascension Parish.  There are still slave quarters on the land.  Next visit there I will get photos of this plantation and try and find some more info.  I know Evan Jones began cultivation of sugar cane on the plantation in 1807.  It became Evan Hall Sugar Corp. during the 1930's.