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Boy are we getting old!!  Annette Ferrara and my brother, Mark "Keith" Macaluso turned 50 this year (2009).


Michael Allello, son of Jeffrey and Diane and grandson of Ruth Collet Alello,


Feb. 23, 2007

Jim and I had a great couple of days in Napoleonville area.   We had a great visit with Lou and Charles Simoneaux and Bill Politz.  I was able to get copies of some marriage licenses, death certificates and some info on Elm Hall Plantation with what's left of the plantation.  Check photo page for some new photos.


Feb 5, 2007-

Jim and I will be going to Napoleonville and Donaldson tomorrow.  We want to do some family research at the library and take pictures at the St. Anne Cemetery in Napoleonville and at the cemetery in Donaldsonville.  I also hope to get some old pictures of the Macaluso and Politz families from our cousin Lou Simmoneaux.  So look for new photos of the families the end of the week.