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This site is established in honor of my ancestors.  It's been my mission to find as many of my relatives as I can.  As I travel back in our family history, it's been so interesting not only to find new family members, but to learn stories connected to them.  I'm just sorry that I didn't start this when I could have talked to Grandma Nancy, Aunt Rosa, Sa Anna, Grandpa Collet, and Grandpa and Grandma Mumphrey who could have told me soooo much about their families.

The church inset is The Madonna della Grazie in Alia, Sicily, dated 1630 and stands to this date.

This web site will give me a chance to share my "discoveries" with you my family.  Hopefully, it will also be a vehicle for my family to share facts, stories, pictures, etc. with me and for me to pass them on to other family members around the world.

I was able to fulfill a life long dream in April 2005.  I traveled to Sicily, home land of my ancestors.    I visited Alia  (Macaluso/Puglisi) and Chuisa Sclafani (Manfre/Mumphrey).  Pictures of this trip will appear on the photo page.

In May 2008, my husband, Jim, son, Todd and his wife, Shawn, were able to visit Alia.  Pictures and story of this trip is under Alia.  After our visit, we all agreed we would love to have a villa in Alia.  Would love to plan a tour of Sicily for next year.  I would need at least 20 people to pull this off.

Signora Donna Francesca Cifuentes established the town of Alia. The Court of Spain authorized the establishment of the town on March 7, 1615 but the execution of decree was postponed until October 10, 1623.

Donna Francesca constructed a church dedicated to "Santa Maria di tutte le Grazie". (Holy Mother of Grace). The church was dedicated around 1630. The Madonna of Grace is the patron of Alia and a celebration in her honor is held each year on July 2.

The census of 1714 counted a population of 605 with 198 families. The present population is about 4000.

* Information provided by Vincent Dispenza in a book by Albert J. Robichaux, Jr tiltled[IT: Italian-American Roots, Vol. I (1851-1861:IT]).

The success of this site will not only depend on my input, but, to be a truly successful site, I will need input from all family members.  My hope is to not only provide information on my ancestors, but to let our living relatives provide information on their ancestors so I can pass it on to all of you on the website.  So let me know the dates of births, marriages & deaths so I can keep our Family Tree updated.

I hope you will enjoy the site and will participate in its development.

With love,                                       

Carole Macaluso Thomas                   



Santuario di Maria SS Delle Grazie, 1630, Alia, Sicily









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